Well Testing Services

Sprint Oil & Gas Services utilize Multiphase Flow Meters (MPFM) to accurately and reliably measure oil, water and gas flow rates without a separation of the production stream.

Accurate and reliable well testing is very important in the determination of the reserves sizes, the economics of continued operations and the evaluation and effectiveness of work-over projects.

There is no substitute for accurate production data to base important decisions and actions on. Today, production well testing in the field is performed either by centralized separation/metering stations or by portable testers.

Centralized systems require extra equipment to be installed and maintained at the field over the field's lifetime. This results in increased costs and environmental risks. A portable well system can execute the same data acquisition exercises, at individual or multiple wells, without the need for permanently installed and maintained equipment. This results in significant cost savings.

Low-cost and portable testers, with gravity separators, are not accurate enough due to separation limitations, sampling frequency and/or gas interference. Such systems can only achieve 5-50% testing accuracy for determining the flow rates. Such systems are also human resource intensive which can reduce testing frequency.

These factors combine to produce well rate data uncertainty and inconsistency that results in allocation factors (sum of oil production well tests/oil sales) that vary from 65-150%.

Sprint's MPFM can achieve testing accuracy in the ±2 - ±5% range.

Multiphase Metering Technique

Sprint uses MedENG MPFM which is a non-radioactive, maintenance free, compact, robust and precise MPFM. The meter is typically installed in line for well testing applications, for reservoir management and allocation measuring.

The MPFM helps establishes Well Production Signatures (WPS) for time lapse monitoring of well performance and diagnostics. It provides accurate, repeatable real-time measurement of oil, water and gas, water cut, GVF and GOR without the need of fluid separation, mixing or any alteration to the well fluid.

The Dual Range Mobile MPFM has been designed to provide unparalleled testing capacity achieving in one unit a ratio of maximum to minimum flow rate of 100.

The system does not make use of radioactive sources, does not use a mini separator and does not require additional tools to measure phase fractions. The MPFM captures phase fractions in the complete range of flow conditions found in the field, from one extreme to the other and through one measurement principle it achieves fit-and-forget accuracy with a reliability that outperforms conventional methods.