Through Tubing Tools

Sprint Oil & Gas Services delivers complete Through Tubing intervention solutions by providing state-of-the-art, high quality, reliable tool strings and experienced fishing specialists. Our key strength is our flexibility in responding to varying customer needs and in designing tools and solutions suitable for each well application.

Sprint has a broad inventory of high pressure jetting, fishing, milling, and other specialty tools that are specifically designed for through tubing applications using coiled tubing.

Sprint Through Tubing tools are manufactured for successful deployments in various well environments and fluids. Sprint also carries a large inventory of products and systems such as gels, friction reducers and surfactants to be used in various through tubing applications.

Complete testing is run at our District and Regional laboratories to support ongoing operations and to provide a complete range of testing for Cementing, Fracturing and Stimulation services. They interact daily with our clients to ensure all aspects of the design are inline with their requirements. 

Sprint’s dedicated Regional Research Laboratory, located in the UAE, is one of the most advanced in the Middle East. The Regional Lab provides support to all district labs when highly specialized testing is needed.

Through Tubing Tools (cont.)

High Torque Acid Resistant Motors

Sprint Through Tubing motors and power sections provide consistent performance with up to two times more power as compared to conventional power sections. They are also designed to operate in a broad range of harsh ambient conditions, especially in hot weather environments.

Sprint motors have proven their abilities in the field in reducing chunking in high BHT (bottom hole temperature) applications with temperatures up to 400°F. They feature a unique spiral outer tube which is designed to help transfer heat from the rubber directly to the outer tube allowing prolonged operation in higher temperatures.

Sprint motors can be used for drilling plugs in high temperature and Nitrogen/underbalanced environments, difficult cleanouts, cutting under reaming, heavy-duty milling, sidetracking, and for fishing.

Milling Tools

Milling tools specialize in removing composite and cast iron frac plugs or ball seats in sliding sleeve systems. This includes a broad selection of mills and bits to address each particular plug and well condition to help optimize all aspects of milling the plug, debris size, milling time, and life of the mill.

Wellbore Cleaning Tools

Wellbore cleaning tools allow safe removal of various scale deposition and cement in the wellbore or the perforation tunnels through the use of underreamers, mills and high pressure jetting tools (SPINCAT).

Fishing Tools

Fishing services, including a full line of fishing tools, made specifically for coiled tubing operations such as impact hammers, accelerators, jars, fishing necks, washover pipe tools etc.

Tubing-Conveyed Perforating (TCP) Conveyance Tools

TCP Tools provide the possibility of creating perforations in heavy mud environment and highly-deviated wells.

Horizontal Toe Preparation Tools

Provide cleaning and TCP services of the furthestmost section of a horizontal well.


Sprint SPINCAT is an effective high pressure rotating jetting tool fitted with up to 5 high impact nozzles. The nozzle size can be altered and/or selected based on operation requirements. SPINCAT is typically used for perforation cleaning, scale removal from wellbores and from around tubing jewelry. Also SPINCAT helps cleaning recesses and irregular surfaces without damaging the completion of casing.

Bi-directional Impact Hammer

The hammerhead bi-directional impact hammer delivers a controllable high frequency up or down impact to a downhole device. The frequency and magnitude of the impacts delivered are controlled via the flow rate and applied force.

The bi-directional impact hammer is suitable for many applications including shifting sleeves, breaking disks, pulling plugs, scale removal, cleanouts, tubing swaging and broaching. The ability to deliver high frequency impacts with low applied force and without the necessity to cycle the coiled tubing make the hammerhead an attractive alternative to using a jar.

CT Dual-Action Hydraulic Jar

The dual action hydraulic jar enables repeatable upward or downward jarring blows to the work string. The dual action hydraulic jar is simple to operate and to redress without the need of any calibration.

CT Kickover Tool

The coiled tubing hydraulically activated kickover tool enables reliable running and retrieval of gas lift valves using coiled tubing. Running the kickover tool in conjunction with a flow control valve allows the operator to alternate easily between normal circulation and activating the kickover tool.

CT Releasable Overshot

The CT releasable overshot is a hydraulic release action tool used for fishing downhole tools or parts of broken tools that have been lost in the well tubing without a fish neck. The releasable overshot is available in sizes covering a wide range of fishing diameters. Bell guide skirts are also available.

CT Releasable Spear

The CT releasable spear is a hydraulic release action tool used for fishing downhole tools with internal necks or cylindrical parts of broken tools without a fish neck that have been lost in the well. The releasable spear is available in sizes covering a wide range of fishing diameters.

CT GS Hydraulic Pulling Tool (Internal Catch)

The CT GS pulling tool is a hydraulic release action tool used for running or retrieving downhole tools with standard size internal fishing necks. The CT GS pulling tool is available in sizes covering most standard internal fishing neck diameters.

CT HD Hydraulic Pulling Tool (External Catch)

The CT HD hydraulic pulling tool is a hydraulic release action tool used for running or retrieving downhole tools with standard size external fishing necks. The CT HD hydraulic pulling tool is available in sizes covering most standard external fishing neck diameters. Bell guide skirts are also available.