Industrial Cleaning Services

Sprint Oil & Gas Services provides a complete range of Industrial Cleaning Services to meet the requirements of oil and gas production companies as well as government agencies, local authorities and public utilities companies. We also service independent oil, chemical and lubricant storage facilities as well as food and beverage manufacturers.

Our services include:

  • Nitrogen Purging
  • Pipeline Chemical Cleaning
  • Pipeline Gel Pigging

Nitrogen Purging

Nitrogen gas is highly effective for pipeline purging, pipeline displacement, plant dehydration purposes and corrosion protection.

Sprint designs custom procedures for the displacement of unwanted gases by Nitrogen purging. This includes the removal of hydrocarbons, Oxygen, and other toxic or reactive gases. Our engineers utilize task-specific software packages to determine the optimal rate, temperature, and volume required to remove unwanted products in the safest and most efficient way.

As Nitrogen is inert, it doen not support combustion. Therefore, once a system is purged using Nitrogen, there is no risk of ignition within that system. Nitrogen will also help preserve plants and pipelines and reduce corrosion caused by oxidation making it ideal for protection for prolonged periods of no use.

This service also includes:

  • Plants and pipelines de­cruding to remove residue oil using Nitrogen
  • Plants and pipelines de­watering and drying: displacing water or moisture with Nitrogen after testing. This procedure also includes heating up the Nitrogen to remove any residual moisture from the system
  • Nitrogen purging, cutting and welding: displacing Oxygen in plants and pipelines with Nitrogen to prevent corrosion and to safely allow cutting and welding operations
  • Nitrogen de­gassing: displacing corrosive gases, such as H2S and CO2, in plants and pipelines
  • Cooling down piping and vessels system in plants when they exceed safe operational temperatures 
  • Pressure testing and leaks detection: Nitrogen is a more time effective solution for finding leaks in gas lines, vessels, plants and pipelines system before they are returned to service. Pressure testing with Nitrogen can usually be completed in half the time as compared to hydro testing

  • Pipeline Chemical Cleaning

    Sprint uses a wide range of solvents and weak acids to remove scales from the inner lining of pipelines, boilers and processing plants.

    A sample of the scales is tested for dissolution in different fluids in one of our laboratories and a recommended treatment or train of fluids is recommended for best pipeline/plant cleanout.

    The recommended treatment is designed to ensure no corrosion, precipitation, or by products are released or left behind in the treated section.

    Pipelines Gel Pigging

    Sprint’s pipeline gels are a set of pumpable viscous liquids that have the ability to enhance the maintenance and protection of pipelines – including gas lines – negating the risk of hydrate formation. The self-healing, lubricating and debris carrying capabilities of the gels enable complete 360-degree protection from seawater ingress and contamination.

    The Sprint pipeline gels are supplied in a finished form or as concentrates for on-site blending and our dedicated team of support staff are available to oversee the deployment of the products in any location.

    Depending on the pipeline requirements, the products may be made from a variety of base liquids including water, hydrocarbons, glycol and alcohol. They may be applied on their own but are more commonly used in tandem with rubber pigs to enhance pipeline cleaning and protection.

    The rubber pig range has self-healing properties; products reassemble into a single slug of gel after passing through obstructions. This property, combined with their ability to adapt from a gel to a liquid, means they can be injected through minute ports into any size pipeline diameter. The entire line of our pipeline gel products has been designed to be environmentally responsible and safe to handle.