Laboratory Services

Sprint Oil & Gas Services laboratories are dedicated to providing our customers with quality, effective and compatible fluids. We provide two levels of laboratory support that covers all the testing needs for the countries that we operate in.

Our Regional Laboratory is based in the UAE and we run satellite District Laboratories in localities close to our field operations. Together, they both provide a full level of operational support to all our operations.

Our highly advanced and well equipped laboratories operate with specialized equipment and highly trained technicians. We deliver accurate and reliable testing and results at the points of operational needs.

Complete testing is run at our District and Regional laboratories to support ongoing operations and to provide a complete range of testing for Cementing, Fracturing and Stimulation services. They interact daily with our clients to ensure all aspects of the design are inline with their requirements. 

Sprint’s dedicated Regional Research Laboratory, located in the UAE, is one of the most advanced in the Middle East. The Regional Lab provides support to all district labs when highly specialized testing is needed.

District Laboratories

Each of the District Laboratories covers both Cementing and Stimulation testing. This involves testing of Cements and Cementing materials, slurry design and testing of field samples for both Cementing and Stimulation fluids. This testing includes, but is not limited to, the following tests:

  • Slurry mixing
  • Rheology measurement
  • Fluid loss testing 
  • Free water testing 
  • Thickening time measurement
  • UCA Ultrasonic Cement Analyser compressive strength measurement
  • Cement­spacer­mud compatibility measurement
  • Cement cubes crushing test
  • SGSA Static Gel Strength Analyzing for cement slurries
  • Expandable cement circular expansion curing kit 
  • Cement blends quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC)

  • The laboratory also provides main Stimulation testing including:

  • Scale dissolution test
  • Acid/formation fluid compatibility, emulsion, sludge testing
  • Particle centrifuge analysis
  • Acid neutralization testing
  • Acid strength and solubility testing 
  • Scale analysis 
  • Water analysis 
  • Emulsion and sludge testing 

  • Sprint’s District Labs work closely with the Regional Lab and technical centre in the United Arab Emirates to ensure that ultimate solutions are delivered to our clients around the clock.

    Regional Laboratory

    In addition to including all facilities and capabilities of a District Lab, the Regional Lab is equipped for:

  • Product and systems commercialization and field testing of new technologies 
  • Permeability and porosity tests 
  • Flow test (ARC) capabilities 
  • High Temperature corrosion testing
  • Wettability testing 
  • Mechanical gel strength analyzer for cement slurries 
  • Dynamic scale flow system testing for scale inhibitors 
  • X­ray diffraction (XRD) testing 
  • Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) with energy dispersive analysis by X­ray (EDAX)
  • Laboratory Equipment

    Sprint's District and Regional Labs have high precision laboratory equipment capable of offering support for both Stimulation and Cementing services:

  • Dual Cell Consistometers:
       - Model 7025
       - Model 8040
  • Ultrasonic Cement Analyzer Model 4262
  • Static Gel Strength Analyzer Model 5265
  • Constant Speed Mixer Model 3060
  • High Temperature High Pressure Filter Press (HTHP) Model 170-01-2
  • Wettability Tester Model 3065
  • Circular Expansion Cement Curing Kit 
  • Atmospheric Consistometer Models 1200 and 1250
  • TRU-­WATE Pressurized Fluid Density Scale Model 100-60
  • Electronic Weigh Balance Models ARC120 and AR2140 
  • Water Bath 
  • ASTM Standard Sieve Set
  • Data Acquisition and Control System (DACS) Model 5270
  • Mechanical Compressive Strength Tester 
  • Atmospheric Mud Balance Model 100-00-4
  • Direct Indicating Viscometer Models 3500 and 3500LS
  • Analytical Lab Equipment